Network Design Surgery

What is it?

The Design Surgery service is a 90 minute session with a CCIE or CCDE certified consultant who can quickly and accurately review any network design then provide feedback and options for customers who require design validation from an expert in a fast, friendly and efficient manner.

What is the service suitable for?

Design surgeries are helpful to customers who require an expert network consultant or architect to validate that a network service will operate in principle, as expected, understood or explained previously.

Common reasons for a design surgery session could be to obtain information on a new protocol or feature, provide a second opinion on a proposed design or validate best practices that should be followed in a specific design scenario,

Other possible use cases could be an update on the latest industry trends in the networking space such as 

  • What is NetDevops?  
  • How do I connect to the cloud?  
  • What is automation and orchestration and how does it benefit my organisation?

This service is relatively short and should be used as a mechanism to "sanity check" or validate design principles.

Full consultancy services should be procured for in depth technical analysis on complex or specific design scenarios.

How does it work?

The service is a fixed price regardless of technology area; therefore the initial engagement will be customers sending an enquiry via the contact form with an overview of the scenario, requirements and timescales to have a discussion.

We will then propose available times for a discussion and if acceptable to the customer the service will be provisionally scheduled.

Once the service is procured, the Design Surgery session will be confirmed where an appointment will be sent to the customer via email.

Between the appointment being scheduled and going ahead there is an expectation that the customer will send requested information in order for the consultant to prepare adequately for the session.

Once the session is complete we will send a summary and our recommendations in addition to a high level diagram in addition to any electronic whiteboard sketches from the Design Surgery, based on the discussion.

Please note this service is based on the information available at the time and should not be viewed as a replacement for full consultancy where detailed requirements can be gathered and assessed.

What does it cover?

We are generally comfortable in covering any networking technology in the Design Surgery session, but some common discussion points are shown below where these are examples and not exhaustive.

  • Campus LAN Design
  • Data Centre Design - Spine / Leaf & Traditional
  • Wireless LAN (Cloud & WLC / LWAP)
  • Network Access Control (802.1x)
  • Security Design (Firewalls, IPS, Filtering, AMP etc)
  • WAN Design (Enterprise)
  • WAN Design (SP Core, MPLS etc)

The above is an example list of technologies, but if you are unsure then contact us with information and we will respond promptly if we can help out!