Consulting Services

Network Architect as a Service

Our flexible "Network Architect as a Service" offering provides companies the opportunity to utilise one of our expert Network Architects on a regular basis without having to take them onto the payroll as a full time employee.

This service is suitable for either enterprise customers who require a Network Architect to know their environment intimately and provide guidance without being a full time employee, or for VARs / ISPs who require an Architect on a customer engagement.

Our Network Architects range from Cisco CCNP / DP certified with significant experience in design, to Cisco CCIE / CCDE certified for more complex engagements.

The benefits of this service are that a networking expert is aligned to your business and will engage with you on a regular basis i.e. set number of days per month across a contracted term.  

This approach is easy to budget for as the service can be procured for a set fee across 3, 6 or 12 month terms, depending on your requirements.

Please contact us for further information on this service.

Strategy & Roadmaps

We are experts in developing strategy and roadmaps with customers then ensuring they are executed in line with the initial requirements.

This comes from years of experience working in network integrators where every customer network is different and we will always tailor strategy and roadmaps to each individual customer, but based on common best practice recommendations.

If you are thinking of moving to the cloud, implementing a Devops strategy, looking to refresh legacy equipment, or re-design a flat network then we can take you on that journey and be with you every step of the way.

Our experience includes working with organisations from concept through design and into delivery, so you can be confident that we will contribute significantly to transforming your network into a state that meets both current and future business requirements.

Network Audits & Documentation

If your organisation has the requirement for design documentation across any of the following areas, we can help.

  • High Level Design
  • Low Level Design
  • Scope of Requirements
  • Testing Documentation
  • Audits & current "state of play" reports

Due to our vast experience in the network integrator, ISP and enterprise space we can quickly get up to speed with your existing network infrastructure, provide a clearer picture on the status of the network and make recommendations on how to move forward in meeting business objectives.

ISPs / Integrators / VARs - Partners

Do you need a HLD, LLD or consultancy exercise completed, but all of your resources are booked out?

Is a new customer looking for a presales call this week or next, but your team is unavailable until 3 weeks time as a minimum?

No problem, MNB Networks can help!

We have significant experience in pre and post sales engagements within the ISP and network integrator space with the ability to deliver support to presales or project teams during busy times such as year and quarter end.

Please reach out to us if you think we can assist your organisation in any aspect of pre / post sales network design or engineering by clicking the link below.

Connect Your Clouds

We have significant experience working with traditional WAN design along with SD-WAN deployments.

In addition to this we are receiving more requests from customer to connect private on-prem DCs to cloud providers such as AWS.

If your organisation is moving towards the cloud but you are unsure where to start in respect to integrating and routing between the different environments, we can help you on this journey!

Contact us to find out how, via the contact form at the below link.